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Development History

  • In 2021

    Zhonghong Bioengineering conducted the reform for mixed ownership, and became a joint venture between Proterra Investment Partners and China Tuhsu.

  • In 2015-2020

    Zhonghong Bioengineering was elected as a Standing Director of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association.

  • In 2008-2019

    In response to national call, Zhonghong Bioengineering actively participated in the “China Healthy Lifestyle for All” and was selected as the Advanced Unit of “China Healthy Lifestyle for All” by CHCA for consecutive years.

  • In 2018

    1) Zhonghong Bioengineering was elected as a Member of the Propolis Professional Committee of CBPA.

    2) Zhonghong Bioengineering was rated as the “China Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise of Nutrition and Health Industry” by the China Food Newspaper and the Organizing Committee of Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting of the China Nutrition and Health Industry.

  • In 2016

    Under the principle of “Small Headquarters, Big Industry”, COFCO set up 18 specialized operating platforms. China Tea Co., Ltd. is one of the 18 platforms and one of the 12 cereal, oil and food industry chains of COFCO, while Zhonghong Bioengineering was designated as COFCO’s main business entity in the “high-end foods” sector.

  • In 2007-2015

    Zhonghong Propolis Softgelswas rated as the “Top 100 Most Credible Chinese Health Products” by CHCA for 5 consecutive years, while “Zhonghong” was repeatedly recognized as the “Top 10 Most Credible Chinese Brands of Health Products”.

  • In 2013

    As the lead unit of COFCO in the health food business, China Tuhsu is mainly engaged in production of health foods and natural foods, and development of health foods. On April 15, COFCO put Zhonghong Bioengineering under China Tuhsu.

  • In 2010

    1) Zhonghong Bioengineering became a Group Member of the China Association for Quality Inspection (CAQI).

    2) Zhonghong Bioengineering was named the “2010 Most Socially Responsible Enterprise” by CCTV, and became the “Strategic Cooperative Enterprise of”.

  • In 2008

    Zhonghong Bioengineering became the Vice-Chairman Unit of the First Council of CHCA.

  • In 2007

    1) On April 2, the Zhonghong Committee of Medical Experts was formally established as a professional health consulting platform, indicating that Zhonghong Bioengineering had reached a new level in the field of health services.

    2) Its patent for invention in “Combining Adsorption and Ion Exchange to Remove Lead from Propolis” was approved by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, with the patent No. of ZL 200310122475.X. The lead content of Zhonghong Propolis Softgelsbased on this technology is far lower than the national limit.

    3) Zhonghong Propolis Softgelswas rated as “Top Ten Chinese Propolis Products with Consumer Satisfaction” by CBPA.

  • In 2006

    Zhonghong Bioengineering became a wholly-owned subsidiary of COFCO. Upon consolidation of COFCO and CGOGC, Zhonghong Bioengineering was formally incorporated into COFCO.

  • In 2005

    Zhonghong Bioengineering was awarded as the 2005 Advanced Unit of Quality Control in China Bee Products Industry by the China Bee Products Association (CBPA).

  • In 2004

    Zhonghong Bioengineering was honored with the “Standard Quality Certificate of Green Industry” presented by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE).

  • In 1998

    1) Zhonghong Bioengineering was established in Beijing as a subsidiary of CGOGC.
    2) Zhonghong Bioengineering launched its first staple product, Zhonghong Propolis Soft Capsules, which was approved by the Ministry of Health, P.R.China for its three major effects of tumor suppression, blood lipid regulation and immune regulation. Zhonghong Propolis Softgels is the first health food of propolis softgels in China.