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Development and Innovation

Zhonghong Bioengineering has never stopped exploring and innovating research and development in the field of health foods. So far, two of its inventions have been approved with a technical patent certificate.

  • Combining Adsorption and Ion Exchange to Remove Lead from Propolis.

    Raw propolis is easy to contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. Lead removal from propolis has always been important in processing propolis. In 2007, Zhonghong Bioengineering obtained the patent license about the integrated technology for lead removal of propolis from the China National Intellectual Property Administration, with the patent certificate No. ZL 200310122475.X. The lead content of Zhonghong Propolis Softgelsbased on this technology is far lower than the national limit.

  • A Kind of Lutein Softgelsand Its Preparation Method.

    In 2014, Zhonghong Bioengineering began to develop and apply for health food aiming at alleviating eyestrain. Meanwhile, it applied for a patent for invention with the R&D results, and obtained the patent approval on September 19, 2017.

Zhonghong Propolis Soft Capsules, the first health food of Zhonghong Bioengineering, has been sold well in the market for more than 20 years, on the strength of Zhonghong Bioengineering's superb technology and strict quality control. Raw propolis needs to be purified and processed with high technical requirements for production, processing and testing before it is edible. Zhonghong Propolis Softgels is manufactured with the traditional alcohol solvent-based extraction technology, which is adopted to extract flavonoids compounds and other active ingredients, so that the active ingredients in propolis can be preserved to the maximum extent, and propolis products have more comprehensive effect.

In order to accelerate the innovation and upgrade the quality of its products, Zhonghong Bioengineering has conducted in-depth cooperation with COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute in the fields of processing and application technology, food quality and safety, and so on. In cooperation with the Processing and Application Technology Center of COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute, Zhonghong Bioengineering has developed a series of products, including CO-Health High Calcium Protein Powder, CO-Health High-activity Protein Peptide Solid Drink, and Zhonghong Phosphatidylserine Solid Drink. In terms of food quality and safety, relying on the nutrition laboratory platform of COFCO, CO-Health High-activity Protein Peptide Solid Drink has met the requirements of 451 testing indexes in the research and development process, ranking in the forefront of quality and safety control in the industry.

On the basis of the original series of health food, Zhonghong Bioengineering has created series products of health grains and daily tonic, which have newly defined traditional health products, dietary supplements and health tonic products, and are suitable for modern people’s lifestyle and concept. With younger people for product position, they supplement Zhonghong Bioengineering's original health food target populations and existing channel resources. Health grains series products include Red Bean Coix Seed Powder, Sesame Walnut Black Bean Powder, Nut Cereal Crispy Bar, Fruit and Vegetable Oatmeal and a series of cereal-based products with light staple and nutritional meal substitute functions; Daily tonic series products which are manufactured for the replenishment of body loss and self-care for consumers in fast-paced, high-pressure and busy work and life, include Gouqi Seriflux Drink, Cubilose Peptide Collagen Drink, and etc.

In addition, Zhonghong Bioengineering also actively expands its health food, developing not only vitamins, minerals and other products for the elderly, middle-aged and young people, but also vitamin soft candy products for teenagers.